Birdhouse Kit

Today in the studio, we're building a birdhouse kit! I feel a little ripped off with this particular kit, because the finished birdhouse is about the size of a blueberry muffin. I'm not sure any real bird could fit in it.

But Ellie absolutely loved painting it. She even said, "I love painting with you, Mama!" Melt my heart!

Though, I think next time we'll pick up one of the pre-made ones at A.C. Moore in the woodworking section and just paint it. It'll be cheaper, more fun, less glue, less mess, and we'll have a bird-size birdhouse for our feathered friends!

My dad said he'd send us binoculars, so we could watch and see if any birds move in!

Also, I have to admit... though highly unlikely, Mark and I were a tad worried that we may run into this situation if we left the tiny birdhouse outside...