Zentangle Certification

Hi, everyone! A few exciting things this last week!

First of all, I taught my first doodle class at work. It was a great experience, and I think we've inspired some new doodlers. I'm hoping to start an office doodle lunch group, starting tomorrow!

The Second most exciting thing going on is that... our local art store in Stowe has STUDIO SPACE! They rent it for a reasonable price, and I can start teaching doodling WHENEVER -- just have to work out a day and time. If you're interested in a doodle class, PLEASE let me know via Facebook, Twitter, the comment section below, via email (at artsourcevt@gmail.com) or flag me down on the street -- you wouldn't be the first person to do that!

This space also has FREE art time for adults AND kids! I'll keep you posted if you want to join us any day during free art time!

And the Third, MOST exciting thing is that, there is a need (or at least a serious want) for a local Zentangle teacher! To get certified to teach Zentangle, there is an April seminar that costs $1,985 (plus gas money to get to Providence, RI). It seems expensive, but it does include meals, hotel stay, and registration. Still, we just can't afford to do that right now, so I've started a GoFundMe Campaign (HERE).

I'm absolutely thrilled to make Zentangling a much bigger part of my life and to learn the "correct" method to do it! 

If you'd like to help me make this dream a reality, please donate to my campaign!